Speak before you eat!

Hi!  My name is Noah. I’m a newer member of YAP, and I’m allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.

My brothers and I play a lot of hockey on the weekends, so we aren’t home much and sometimes like to eat out. Eating at restaurants can be difficult for people with allergies, because many people don’t know how to speak with their waiter.

PeanutsWhen I eat out, I ask the waiter or waitress if they use any peanuts or tree nuts in the kitchen. I feel really uncomfortable when restaurants use peanuts, because I’m very severely allergic to them. If they use peanuts, we leave. If they use tree nuts (but no peanuts) I let them know that I have a tree nut allergy, and I ask them to make sure that no nuts come into contact with my food.

Bowl of tree nuts

Most of the time, restaurants can accommodate me very well. Restaurants that use nuts often use them in desserts – so when I eat out, I rarely get dessert.  Instead, I just wait until we are done eating and get a chocolate bar from the convenience store. Sometimes, no one else in my family orders dessert either to make me feel happy and included, which is nice of them to do!

I also know to avoid certain types of restaurants, like Thai restaurants, which often use peanuts in their cooking.

Overall, I have had great experiences at restaurants. You can too, as long as you take the extra steps to keep yourself safe!

What experiences have you had dining out with food allergies? Leave a comment or question below, or visit our facebook page!

Halloween with Allergies

Hi! My name is Noah and I just started Grade 9.   I have been going out for Halloween for the past 12 years.  It is one of my favourite celebrations of the year because you can eat as much candy as you want! The main thing that is different for me is that I am allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.   But, I don’t let that stop me when Halloween comes around.

Every year that I go out for Halloween, I have the same routine.  I just go trick or treating like people without an allergy and I take any candy that is given to me. After I am done trick or treating, my parents and I go through my candy sorting things that have nuts in them from the candy that is safe for me.   If it doesn’t have a label, it goes into the pile of candy I can’t eat, because we would rather be safe than take a chance.

Although there is usually about a quarter of my candy that isn’t safe to eat, I never feel like I don’t have enough candy because there is always so much! My parents bring the candy with nuts in it to their office and share it with their co-workers.

My favourite type of candy would either have to be Fuzzy Peach or Sour Patch Kids.  I guess you could say I have a “Sweet and Sour” tooth!  Happy Trick or Treating!