A Timely Food Allergy Safety Innovation

My name is Arianne and I have severe peanut and nut allergies. Within the realm of inventions regarding quality of life and allergies, the sky is the limit! But with the stressful holiday season approaching, and large meals in our sights, a simple voice saving idea might be helpful.

Given the holiday season, it’s always a good idea to talk about staying safe at events where there will be food served. Potlucks, family dinners, holiday parties, and gift exchanges almost always include food. All of these activities add up and it can become tiring explaining, and re-explaining your allergies to numerous people. So what should you do? Stop attending holiday outings with friends and families? Regretfully decline on receiving presents? Of course not! Just because you have food allergies doesn’t mean you can’t partake in festive joy! Say hello to your new best friend.

We’ve all heard of business cards, well, here is an Allergy Information Card.

The Allergy Information Card will act as your voice when you can’t be reached. It would be a reference card to help people support your allergies when preparing foods, or purchasing presents that may include food. So how does it work? Simple. Design your card any way you like, as long as it has five key points:

1)  Your name

2)  Your allergens

3)  Reminder about cross-contamination

4)  Your information

5)  A thank-you!

Just like your MedicAlert bracelet, your Allergy Information Card will act as a reference.

So before, you head out to that potluck, go home to see your family, or exchange gifts in the classroom/office, hand out these simple cards to the people you want to spend the holiday with to ensure a fun filled and safe holiday season.

Season Greetings,