Participate in an online peer mentorship pilot study

Chat and connect with others like you

Are you between the ages of 7 and 15?

Do you ever feel lonely or left-out with  allergies?

Do you wish that you knew more people your age with allergies?

If so, we invite you to participate in an online peer mentorship pilot study that Anaphylaxis Canada is conducting with the Asthma Society and researchers from the the University of Alberta’s Social Support Research Program.

Participants in this study will take part in eight online support sessions, occurring once a week from September to November 2012. These sessions will be led by an older peer mentor with allergies, under the guidance of a Health Support and Education Specialist. These sessions will give participants the opportunity to share experiences and learn from other youth with allergies, while interacting through safe and secure online technologies. Participants and their parents will also take part in pre- and post-intervention interviews, allowing the research team to develop sustainable online support tools.

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