On the hunt for a job!

This summer, I have been busy applying for part-time jobs. I have filled out several applications and handed out piles of resumes – but so far nothing.

Since I have food, allergies I’m limited to where I can apply. Obviously, working in the food industry isn’t the best choice for me, so I’m focused on applying to retail and sales associate positions.

Two years ago, I had my first job at a restaurant, but I had to resign as my allergies became more severe. While working there, I did learn a lot about being an advocate for myself in a professional setting.

If you get a new job, and you have food allergies, it’s important to:

  1. Inform whoever is interviewing you about your allergies as soon as possible. This is something you don’t want to hide – and they may even find your story inspiring!
  2. Always have your auto-injector with you at work, and let a few co-workers know where it is, just in case!
  3. Don’t put yourself in risky situations! Is your life really worth a few extra dollars??
  4. Don’t be embarrassed! They can’t refuse to hire you because you have allergies. This is your life and something you are living with!

As teenagers and young adults, it’s important to gain confidence and experience through a part-time job. Ensuring that you are safe at work will help you stay confident and reaction-free.

I’m still continuing on my search for a new job, but I know when I find one, I’ll remember these tips and have a safe work experience.

How have you handled a part time job with your food allergies?


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