Magically Allergen-Free

Magically Allergy SafeMy name is Sydney and I am sixteen. I am allergic to strawberry, pineapple, coconut and cashew. This past March break I travelled to Disney World in Florida with my family and had an amazing vacation. This was my first time travelling to Disney since I developed my allergies, but it was a very stress-free trip because I found Disney to be quite accommodating for my allergies. Vacations with allergies are always more enjoyable when you know that you’ve thoroughly planned ahead so you can feel safe. Here are some of my tips for travelling to Disney with your allergies:

Magically Allergy Free

1. Book your dinner reservations online ahead of time. This way you know what to expect and have some peace of mind in advance.

2. When booking online, Disney restaurants should have an allergy option. Choose this so that when you arrive, the restaurant staff members will already be aware and ready to accommodate.

3. When your waiter/ waitress arrives at your table they should tell you that the chef will be out as soon as possible to help you pick your meal (if not, be sure to ask!). The chef will make sure he/she prepares your meal so that it is as safe as possible. Be sure to tell the chef ALL of your allergies.

4. When your meal is served it will most likely have a toothpick in it that has the word “allergy” written on it. This is to reassure you that your meal was specially prepared and that the chef cooked it in an as safe as possible environment.

5. Florida can get pretty hot so remember to keep your auto-injector out of the sun!

6. Remember to enjoy yourself and relax!

I hope these tips help you on any future trips to the most magical place in the world!


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