From Denim Fanny Pack to Pocket

When I was young, my mom used to always ask if I had my auto-injector on me when I left the house. It was because of her that I never left it at home and got into the habit of always having it on me. How I carry it has changed over the years as I started to think more about convenience. When I was first diagnosed with a nut allergy at age nine, I used a fanny pack (I know, cool right?) But it wasn’t one of those bulky, multi-zippered, oodles of compartments fanny packs. It was a custom denim fanny pack made by my mom. Denim was IN and I rocked that fanny pack!

However, I could only wear that fanny pack so long as it slowly became out of fashion. That’s when I switched to the “pocket style”. I always kept it in the same front pocket of my pants right up until university when things changed on me again. I began to find it awkward going out with friends with my cell-phone in my right pocket, my auto-injector and keys in the left, and my wallet in the back right. It just started getting bulky so I first cut the keys down to just the necessities. Or should I say necessikeys! I put only my house key in my wallet. BOOM more space! Then I began to switch my auto-injector to my back left pocket whenever I moved around and to my front when I sat down. If I had a jacket on, my life was even better because I stored it in one of my jacket pockets.

As a guy, I don’t have the luxury of a purse but I do have my backpack on me a lot, especially when I was in school. So I also had an auto-injector in there and always made sure my friends knew exactly where to find one of them in case things went bad.

I’ve also taped an auto-injector to my leg once because my Halloween costume had no pockets, but that’s a whole other story! How do you rock the auto-injector?

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 6.18.47 PM


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