School Trip

Hi, my name is Davis, and I am allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish.

A girl ziplining over a forestLast spring, I graduated from elementary school. When I went on my grad trip, I ran into a problem while trying to find something safe to eat. One morning, I had to buy lunch in advance at a local market, because we were going zip-lining around noon and there was going to be no place to buy food. We had an hour to find something to purchase for lunch, which meant one thing: I had 60 minutes to find something that was safe to eat.

So I started walking around the market, checking with people at different food places to see if I could have anything. Since it was around 9 o’clock in the morning, not many shops were open, narrowing down my choices a lot. After 50 minutes of looking around and walking, I came to this conclusion: of all of the available shops, none of them were safe, due to the fact that their food contained most of my allergens and I did not want to risk cross-contamination.

StrawberriesWith 10 minutes left, I was scrambling to find something safe to eat. All of a sudden, I saw one of my friends walking with a tray of strawberries. I asked him where he got it, and he directed me over to a fruit stand. I then decided that I would have fruit for lunch. It was some of the best fruit that I have ever had, and I am proud to say that even though there were not many choices, I found a safe way to make things work. So if can’t find a safe meal to eat, have a healthy snack instead!

Keep safe,



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