Don’t call me Gaga

Hey Allergy Blog supporters!

My name is Dylan, and I have been allergic to peanuts and tree nuts since I was nine years old. I have been involved with YAP since 2005 and currently hold the position of Lead Representative for the Fundraising and Special Events Committee.

Lady Gaga with vampire teeth

“Don’t call me Gaga”

Two weeks ago, we hosted our first YAP social of the year with a trip to the Richmond Hill Laser Quest. There were a few people in the group who had never done laser tag before and were very excited to try it, and there were a few others who hadn’t played in years.

We played two games in total, and for each game we were allowed to choose special code names to make ourselves known to our “foes.” For ou first game, I asked for a random name and was given the very strong, bold, and manly name of … Lady Gaga. I wasn’t impressed, but since I am competitive and love laser tag, I tried my best and finished in 4th place behind three people from another group. The rest of our YAP players were scattered throughout the rankings with hilarious and brave stories to tell.

Shakira singing on stage

“No fighting, No fighting, Shakira, Shakira”

My own story wasn’t brave so much as lucky: I sat in one spot on the upper level near a ramp and tagged anyone who passed by. I had a grudging battle with a man by the codename of Smudge, who kept shooting me from across the room before I could get him! I took matters into my own hands and crept up behind him to catch him unaware. After I tagged him, he laughed and said, “Nice shot,” before tagging me right back. Go figure!

We re-fueled on juice, water, and snacks, and for the second game, I was given another valiant and heroic name! Okay fine, it wasn’t either of those. For some reason, the Laser Quest staff must have thought that I loved female pop stars, because they named me Shakira. Better than Lady Gaga, but I would have preferred Legolas or Gandalf, because Lord of the Rings is the best thing that has ever happened…EVER.

Gandalf hanging out in the Shire

“Prepare for battle!”

In the second game, I was ousted by one of my fellow YAP members, who went by the code name Jazzyhands! I was also beat out by a few other YAP members and finished in the middle of the rankings.

All in all, we had a blast, shared some laughs, and enjoyed shooting lasers at each other! There will definitely be more awesome social events to come and who knows – maybe YOU will be part of one of them! Learn more about YAP and apply to become a member at

You stay classy!



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