Happy New Year!! With allergies

Hi! My name is Giulia, and I’m allergic to peanuts, nuts, fish, and seafood.

Happy New Year! It’s the time of year when people start afresh and make resolutions. Throughout the world, there are people who have decided to lose weight, eat differently, or just become a little more pleasant to the people around them. I take a little time to think about my experiences with allergies and how I can improve my allergy management practices in the upcoming year.

Whether you’ve had a severe allergic reaction or no encounters with your allergen, you too can take a couple of minutes to reflect. Here are some things to think about:

1)      How effective were my allergy management strategies?

A notebook opened to a blank page, with vegetables and a cutting board around it

What’s new on your menu for this year?

Did I react to anything this year? Did I have any close calls? Take time to think about any allergic reactions or other risky situations you experienced this year. Did I always read food labels and talk to restaurant staff before eating? Did I always carry auto-injectors?  Think about these things – and changes you can make to avoid allergic reactions and manage risky situations in the future.

2)      When do my auto-injectors expire?

Take a few minutes to check the expiration date of your auto-injectors. Write them down on a calendar, and remind yourself to contact a doctor or pharmacist when needed.

3)      What’s new on the menu?

Cook a new recipe without your allergens, or try a new allergy-safe activity. Trying something new is the perfect way to start a new year – especially when you can share the experience with friends and family members!

Thinking about these simple things will help you to prepare for the year ahead! It’s important to make sure that you’re safe, as well as happy, this year.

What will you be doing to make this year a safe one?


4 responses

  1. Great thoughts, Giulia. I have allergies as well and safe allergy management is always something at the forefront of my mind! One the things I always work on is safe cooking…with allergies it makes it tricky to eat out a lot (for me anyway). I love having my friends over and cooking with them, or finding new places that I can eat at then go there with friends. Whenever I do have food in the mix, it creates an opportunity for me to talk about my allergies with my friends and make them aware of the issues that I manage and how they can help me stay safe when we’re out and about! I was just speaking to a friend and mentioned how I wanted to find more restaurants I can eat at…I live in Calgary and there are lots of cool places I don’t know about, so that is my goal for this year!

  2. Hi Giulia! I’m allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, and I’m just getting to that age where I’ve been going out to eat with friends by myself. I’m so used to having my mom carry my auto-injector in her purse that it’s been difficult for me to get in the habit of remembering to bring my own auto-injector! My goal this year would definitely be to always remember to carry my auto-injector with me at all times, even if my mom is with me. Also, I’d really like to make my friends more aware of my allergies, because I feel sometimes they don’t really understand the full significance of being anaphylactic to a food. I need to be more open about my allergies, and I hope to achieve that this year!

  3. These are some really great ideas! Going into the new year I have not only thought about my personal allergy management strategies but also about the strategies of others I know with allergies. My goal for this year is to start a club at my university for students with allergies. I am hoping to help first year students adjust to eating on campus, implement better allergen policies in cafeterias and make my campus a more allergy friendly place to be!

  4. Great blog Giulia! It’s so important to reflect on how you can work to make sure you stay safe and avoid allergic reactions. No one is perfect but what better way of learning then by looking at your own past allergic reactions and close calls and seeing how you can make positive changes in the future. I never thought of including this into a new year resolution but it would only make sense that ensuring your health and safety is the most important resolution of them all!

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