Diagnosed with Allergies as a Teenager

Hi! My name is Sydney. I am allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, but unlike most people with allergies, I was diagnosed with my allergies as a teenager.

Personally, I think it has worked out very well being diagnosed so late in life. Ever since I found out about my allergies, I have been able to advocate for myself rather than rely on my parents for support. Unfortunately, most people are not very familiar with allergies that develop in teenage years so a lot of my friends and even my family had a hard time coming to terms with this new way of life. In terms of get togethers with my other family members like cousins and grandparents, they tend to forget about my allergies so repetition is key. I think it is just because they are not used to having nut-free food around.

Although I am happy that I did not have to avoid nuts in childhood, I still remember what they taste like which sometimes results in cravings. I find though that as time goes on, it eventually becomes easier and easier as I embrace learning to eat safely with my allergies.


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  1. Hey Sydney,
    I was diagnosed with allergies at a very young age. I have never known what peanuts or nuts taste like. I think that it must have been very challenging for you to receive your diagnosis later in life as now you are aware of the tastes you are missing. I bet the cravings must be hard to deal with- I get those too with foods I can eat and they can be intense! It sounds like you have a good support system around you and I am sure that with more time, your friends and family will be very effective at recognizing their role in minimizing the risk of an allergic reaction.

    Nicole 🙂

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